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I know I am not that pretty and I am not that sweet like other girls. I dont demand saying you are not good enough for me. I dont demand a good looking guy. I admit sometimes I smile thinking of you but my heart never say that you are the one. Either I am not ready yet or my heart belongs to the other man not for you. So listen to me bestfriend, stop being nice to me. I afraid I will fall for you and forget how to love the other man. Please.


There goes my hell week. I ended my week by sleeping right after arrived home from classes. The classes? Im not going to say it ran smoothly but like ‘damn’ I wish I had study earlier for the test. It was damn hard and I had never liked true and false questions. It is nice to bring bunch of assignments home. Come on! I even dont have time for myself.

Apart from the damn test and classes, it is good to know Rooney scored that night. I did watch the game but only for 15 minutes then I poofffed! My eyes closed shlleepping. There is also a story I would like to share but I think it is not the right time. It has a funny storyline, funny funny funny.

Okay. Seems like the train is about to arrived now maybe I should stop writing this boring story. Just wanna say that I had a good saturday morning with my besties. Though I was madly in love with my assignments and test preparation these are how I describe my week.



Eleensays: If you had a hard time, always believe there must be a purpose why god put you in that situation. If you say that you are tired, you’ll exhaust yourself more. So, by thinking of today’s plan, think of tomorrow too. Tomorrow must be better than today! And it’ll be definitely easy to manage. Trust me! (Oh I didnt say that, I quoted from Josiah Ng)



Just got back from work. I’m fucking tired today. I tried to make everyday great but today is just not the day. Now I miss my weekend. It is not just that, my 3 unfinished assignments? Nahh. Do it slowly.

Eleensays: think of something funny will make you happy.
Great. I dont have one.

While everyone is talking about Azizulhasni Awang’s crashed in the Keirin. I was thinking of the other guy, his teammate. Since I was a kid, I have been supporting this guy. This handsome man, Josiah Ng.

Nothing much to say. These pictures speak louder than words.

Last time I asked him via facebook.

I used this as my profile pic for a month. LOL! (his wife manages the FB fan page, so, a bit frustrated… hehe)

Then, this has totally made my day…!
Everyone, let’s say:

Hehe. Memang syok sendiri. (Biarlah)

If you didnt get the seat in the train you just have no luck that day, I said to the old lady.

Eleensays: doesnt mean you are a bit older than me I should give you the seat. No man! So, you shut up!

It’s 8.45 pm now. I am so tired. Thingking of my 3 assignments that I haven’t started? I just fuck up. Should I sleep now and wake up at 2 or should I start do it now? Better go to sleep first. Damn. Why I have been soo damn lazy these days?

“After I finish this homemade burger, I should go to bed”.

Eleensays: I enjoy reading asisul and asthiah 🙂 they are so cute!

i am thinking of this now. ^.^

Hellow world!

I had a blogspot and tumblr too. Getting bored day by day so I created this. Briefly, this blog contains a story about me and me. I am a girl (and a stalker too) who pretends to be a nice girl everyday.

I believe that Yes is a word of change, No is a dead end.


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