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8.15pm I arrived Shah Alam.

I was listening to Daughtry that time then my sisters came and brought me to Mamak.

8.25pm I was already at Mamak.

I smelt curry and I was hungry. Shit! Got no place to sit!

Ahhh. Don’t care. I need to talk to Mamak now. I really meant now.

8.31pm Dey macha, alih channel 119 sekarang. Ammma!

Shahredza MinhatKasih Najihah @channel 119 8.32 pm


Eleensays: Pernah kami terserempak di dalam lif kat bank. I smiled. Itu Shahredza Minhat. Dah lama tak jumpa kat Kupang, as always.


“Apple could not confirm that the iPad 2 is out of stock nationwide because there might be limited supplies at certain stores. However, none of the Apple stores that The Telegraph called this morning had any in stock”Telegraph


Senang cerita, iPad 2 out of stock, di Malaysia juga.

Currently I am browsing ‘who to follow’ on my twitter. Oops I saw this girl.

I still remember how I clicked the unfollow button next to her gravatar. Since she’s under my following list, I sent another follow request 🙂 Our first conversation was when she tweeted about how she missed her pre-tesl days in UiTM. Damn. She is my senior and she knows Rooney and Fa. (hey, since that day you told me you know them, my days were in misery hahaha) From that, we started to close and tweet almost like everyday.

I never imagine to have a new easy going friend via twitter. What I like about her? She tweets a lot, complaints a lot, easily gets angry. Her Fb and twitter account are protected. The best of her, she loves to spam your timeline. She is born to be a teacher but I don’t guarantee she can teach your kids well since she is into Pipiyapong’s Cewah (baca buku senyum2 kat monorail) Hehe.

Why am I writing about her. I should get some sleep.

Again, nice to meet you Zie, my new friend.

Eleensays: Today, she taught me to ignore him, let him to suffer of late reply. I think I am about to dying here. I am the one who is suffering now. *sigh*

ok dah bai2.

If I turned off the lights will I save lives? (wishing to be like Peter Petreili)

A friend of mine was excited of this campaign. She switched off the lights yo! but at the same time switching on the air-cond. Will it help? Actually, replacing one ordinary light bulb with a compact fluorescent one would have a bigger impact in the long term. Anyway voluntary efforts are enough. I respect those who were in the dark yesterday. For those who joined the earth hour, please sign up here. We will see how big is the number this time. How about for people to turn off their lights but they were driving a car at the time? HAHA!

To be frank, yesterday I didn’t switch off the lights. I planned to do the assignments but cephalgia attacked me. If you asked me what did I do during the earth hour? I had a good chat with hunny madu and hafiz hatim at Gua. They are super duper cool. ^_^ Then, I was onlining and chatting all the night untill 5.

Eleensays: Wonder why people pronounce my name as Ilin. It is supposed to be Eleen (Elin). Hahaha.

This is my complaint.

The board says, “Want to be successful in China? Choose the trusted team”

I know FedEx is originated from China while Josiah is sponsored by Fed Ex. But why it must says China with Josiah’s picture on the left?


Dah itu je.

Eleensays: Nothing, just smile at Josiah Ng. 🙂

Jason Mraz – Prettiest Friend

This is what I look like today
And I’m trying not to pull out my hair
I’m trying not to show it ’cause I’m far too shy to grow it back there
That’s probably why I like wearing hats
There’s no denying I’m deferring the facts
Avoiding confrontation
Lacks tact in a situation
Behind every line is a lesson yet to learn

But if you ask me
The feeling that I’m feeling is overwhelming
And oh, it goes to show
I’ve so much to know

I wrote this for my prettiest friend
Who while trying not to prove that I care
Trying not to make all my moves in one motion and scare her away
Well she can’t see she’s making me crazy now
I don’t believe she knows she’s amazing how
She has me holding my breathe
So I’d never guess that I’m a none such unsuitable, suited for her

But if you ask me
The feeling that I’m feeling is complimentery
And oh, it goes to show
The moral of the story is boy loves girl
And so on the way that it unfolds is yet to be told

I know that I should be brave
Even pretty can be seen by the blind
I know that I cannot wait
Until the day we finally learn how to find each other
Redefining open minds

And if you ask me
The feeling that I’m feeling is overjoyed
And it’s golden, it goes to show then
The ending of this song should be left alone
And so on ’cause the way it unfolds is yet to be told


Eleensays: I want to be your prettiest girl on earth.

I think because of you, I am suffering cephalgia now.

He has a heart of gold.
(From left) BAM General Manager  Kenny Goh, Lee Chong Wei and  Japan's ambassador to Malaysia, Koichi Ito, at the launch of the  Hope & Smile fund raising  charity project  yesterday. Picture by Osman Adnan  

“The disaster has been in the news for two weeks and it’s terrible. I hope everyone will support this fundraiser”, Lee Chong Wei


  • 2nd April: Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) where Chong Wei will play a match with Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.
  • 3rd April: Chong Wei will play another charity match at the Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara.


If you are free on both dates, please come and support ‘hope and smile’ fundraiser. Chong Wei will donate the black and yellow shirts he wore at the All-England final together with his shoes and racquets for public auction. RM 1 million to be raised!!


Eleensays: On 3rd April, I have classes to attend. *sigh*

Someone just got her SPM result and I wish to give her a present. Friends suggested tudung. Hmmm kidding me?? Dekat terengganu dah berlambak tudung. So, what will be the best present. Any idea? Don’t think I should google kan? Huhu. 

If I were that girl… Best jugak!

Eleensays: Got 6As for SPM is crazy man. Either you are gifted to be a clever girl or you dont watch TV. Do you know that TV is exist in this world? Hehe. Anyway, congrats.


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