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Financial Institution & Market Analysis was a tough final paper ever.

Exam Day 1: bloody hell blank answer sheet. I can say 10% correct.

Pray hard to get a pass. Amin.



3 final papers next week. Bismillahirohmairahim.

i hate u silent reader.

saya nak pergi fixi

tapi rasanya tak dapat nak pergi

mood nak menulis pun tak jadi

sebab tak dapat nak pergi fixi


the showcase will be at night, that’s the main reason why i will not go.

sedih nya 😦

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There’s something funny happened to me last week. Tell you later.

Eleensays: I’m running out of time!!!

klik fixi!

nak pergi fixi.

Tempat: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market KL
Tarikh: 15 April (Jumaat)
Masa: 8:30pm


you might see me holding mac or iphone, but you never know how much money left in my pocket.

‘where do you work?’ ‘at the bank’ ‘ooo banyak duit la’ that’s how malay people always think.

Eleensays: so if you work at the bank, you will have a lot of money ke, i ask myself.

Fakta, aku belum tengok lagi Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah Mamat Khalid.

Tapi aku fed up bila orang sebut cer citer cer citer.




Sekeh kang.

Macam mana ni? Semalam makan banyak pun tak cukup-cukup puas. Haish!

I thought I am good in IT. So I offered myself to help my colleauge. Old laptop, I said.

After two times uninstall the updates, three times restart.

Dangg. The laptop hanged. Cant be used anymore.

He cant do anything. Except for waiting the IT expert to come. Till this hour, the laptop still rosak. @_@

All I can say is… Sorry. Hehe.


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