SURVIVOR! It is an American reality show where contestants have to compete against each other to become the “Sole Survivor” and win one million US Dollar. I did watch the first 3 series of Survivor – Borneo, Australian Outback and Africa. Oh and All-Stars too. 🙂

My favorite? Of course Ethan Zohn and Lex from Australian Outback! Both also competed in All-Stars. Ethan was diagnosed with a rare cancer type and now is undergoing new treatment to battle the disease. 😦 Oh please google for more info.

If you asked me who’s the jackass? I’m proudly say Jon ‘Jonny Fairplay’ Dalton from Pearl Island series. He is the most ‘jack ass-jack ass!’ I still remember as part of a loved-one-related challenge, he told his friend that to tell Dalton that his grandmother had died! You know what, he had no grandmother. He has the greatest lies ever! UHHH!

But that’s not what I want to tell you…

So, this is Rob Mariano. He competed in 4 series – Marquesas, All Stars, Heroes vs Villains and Redemption Island. He is married to Amber who was from Australian Outback series and also a winner of Survivor All Stars. Oh I hate this couple the most. Especially Rob, you dont ask me why.

I wonder why his name were in world twitter trending? Because he won Redemption Island – $1 million prize plus the $100,000 fan favorite award. What I know about him is that he never give up yo.


eleensays: Jeff Probst you are still handsome. :))

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